A Fundraiser For Dig Deep Water !!

Installation view of  A Pit in the Stomach . Image courtesy of Ryan Patrick Krueger.

Installation view of A Pit in the Stomach. Image courtesy of Ryan Patrick Krueger.

With my installation, A Pit in the Stomach, currently up at Fuller Rosen Gallery in Portland, I am selling the gilded oysters in order to raise funds for Dig Deep Water. This organization is a community-managed utility alternative consisting of in-home water systems, the building and maintenance of new wells, water delivery trucks, and more. So far since the opening of the show and the beginning of this fundraiser, we have already raised nearly $300! That’s enough to fund the purchase of a solar panel for a home plumbing system, or water delivery for a family of four for over 5 months!

This is just one example of how a community of individuals can make a difference as a collective whole.

For donations of $5 or more, I will send you an oyster as a reminder of our collective responsibility in working to either heal or worsen these issues. 100% of proceeds will go to benefit these communities.

To donate and receive an oyster, please visit the Fuller Rosen Gallery online Shop page or at their gallery space in SE Portland. More information about Dig Deep Water and their work to increase water access and equity in Navajo Mountain, UT and elsewhere, read here.

Thank you!!